The Suite

We are thrilled to present the One World Suite, Combo Nuvo’s musical message for positive change! The album is available for purchase on CD or as a digital download. Click here to purchase your copy now!

Album Tracklist:

  • Prelude
  • The Dawn
  • The Steppes
  • The Clouds
  • The Desert
  • Northeast Sky
  • One World



  • Dave Schroeder: Mongolian ever buree, Eb flute, alto clarinet, soprano sax, chromatic harmonica
  • Matt Sullivan: oboe
  • Billy Drewes: clarinet
  • Lenny Pickett: tenor sax, alto flute
  • Tom Scott: alto sax, clarinet
  • Brad Shepik: nylon & steel string guitars, tambura, Portuguese guitar
  • Rich Shemaria: piano, composition, orchestration
  • Mike Richmond: acoustic bass, cello
  • John Hadfield: drumset, world percussion
  • Jeremy Warren: drumset
  • Tim Keiper: world percussion
  • Mary Scott: producer
  • Ellen Colcord: artwork
  • Tom Swift: recording engineer
  • Li Hai: assistant engineer

Recorded March 31 and April 1, 2017 at the NYU James L. Dolan Studio