Scientific and Environmental Resources

To learn more about every aspect of climate change and sustainability, please check out the resources listed below.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication
A program of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Center for Science and Democracy –
New project / Union of Concerned Scientist

Center for Marine Conservation
Protect ocean ecosystems, research & public education

Defenders of Wild life
Concerned with the protection of all native wild life animals and plants in their natural communities. Two priorities: the accelerating rate of extinction of species and the associated loss of of biological diversity, and habitat alteration and destruction.

Environmental Defense
Main goals: Stabilizing the Earth’s Climate, Safeguarding the world’s oceans, protecting human health and restoring and protecting biodiversity

National Resources Defense Council
Using law & science to protect the planet

World Wild Life Fund
Leading privately supported international conservation organization in the world providing information on endangered species, endangered places, forests, climate change, oceans and toxic chemicals.

Earth Justice Legal Defense Fund
Non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth and to defending the right of all people to healthy environment.

National Geographic Society
The world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organization.

Orion Society
Publisher, environmental education organization, and a communications and support network for grassroots environmental and community organizations across North America.

World Resources Institute
An environmental think tank that goes beyond research to create practical ways to protect the Earth and improve people’s lives.

World Watch Institute
Fostering the evolution of an environmentally sustainable society through the conduct of inter-disciplinary non-partisan research on emerging global environmental issues, the results of which are widely disseminated throughout the world.

Population Connection
America’s voice for Population Stabilization
Working to slow population growth and achieve a sustainable balance between the Earth’s people and its resources.

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